ABIDE- SONNET John 15:1-11


The Gardener fastened tender twisting limb

And firmly placed it in the notched out vine

He wrapped it with some moss and simple twine

One flesh of two- a scar- some waste to trim

The fluid flowed to nourish from within

Now merged, co-joined, sap flows, the vital sign

Man’s flesh embraced, transformed in Christ Divine

Remain or die, one place of life, in Him


In You alone, my tender fruit is made

And in Your Vine, my heart will always grow

Abiding in Your grace I find true peace

I offer gifts to You; my serenade

Your strength, Your life eternal ever flow

and sacrificial, water never cease

Laurie Stasi  2/13/13

Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet


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