LILY by Laurie A. Stasi
LILY by Laurie A. Stasi

The scent of honeysuckle
Wafts toward blue skies
My delight
Colors and textures
Unique with surprise
Capture my eyes
Stately ruffled
Bells of Iridescent blue
Climb toward the sun
Each one
their splendor
For the king
With their presence
They sing
With all creation
Like innocent flirtation
Drawing admiration
Without cessation

HE calls me a lily
I am His delight
My perfumed petals
Are silky white
And I glow
Like candlelight

Some go to His garden
To meet with the King
But He whispered to me
And His words took wing:
“You are a garden
I come in the day
To lie in your praises,
Beds of spice and delight.
I come in the night
When fragrance is strong”
It floats on my song
He holds me tight
In moonlight and day
He calls me Beautiful and Lovely
His grace falls
Above me
He showers with peace
Calls me a priest
Mercies never cease
He painted me
His masterpiece
I’m His garden of delight
Never far from His sight
Fragile and treasured,
His Lily White

October 2013
Laurie A. Stasi


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