Filled with knowledge
Knowing law
I could recite them all
The big 10
The feasts too
And even a complete
Of Old and New
The books in order
The prophet’s names
Their prophetic words
And counterclaims
I knew the followers
And where they hung out
Which ones stood in faith
And which ones had doubt
The canons, professions and historic facts
And memorized several witnessing tracts
But knowledge alone
Is dead as a grave
No matter how many
People I save
The Pharisees were
Just a white washed tomb
and their hearts had no room
A skeleton in a priestly costume
These things don’t impress our God above
What He is seeking
Is our love

He called me from my mother’s womb
For courtship, relationship and fellowship
I give Him ownership
‘Cause I am His workmanship
He doesn’t need my deeds
Profession and creeds
He wants my heart
Surrendered each day
Right from the start
To hear His voice
Taking time to pray
Without cessation
Giving Him all of my
May 8, 2014 Laurie A. Stasi

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