I met Wisdom, on a walk one day
I listened, wondering what she would say.
She pointed at the fools of town
“Thieves and beggars just laying around.
Drunks don’t realize what a mess they are
Groupies quit life chasing a superstar
Riches buy a distracted life
Adulterers purchase a miserable wife
Liars trust no one, and build their web
All come and go, just as the tide’s ebb

“Those seeking Wisdom build a strong house
Truth upholds love and respect for their spouse
Children learn honor and how to work hard
Not trusting the world, they keep on their guard
Using the gifts God gives to each one
Prospering comes to the diligent son
Creativity, a gift from on high
All glory to God, who we magnify.”

Holy Spirit, my Wisdom and Friend
Help me live life, as you recommend

From Proverbs
Laurie A. Stasi 6/16/14

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