He has no name

Weeping bitter tears

Tears in pain

As he watches others beaten bloody and fall

Or shot through the head

As the savages maul

“Convert or die”

No pause at reply,


I’m a Christian.”

And by swift hatred

His head they sever

And display for others to view

If only they knew.

That moment in time

He rose to meet Jesus

“Well done my son!”

A crown was won

The victor is dressed

In robes of white

And Jesus smiles

With proud delight

The veil between war, hatred and strife

Is one blink

At the end of a knife

When heaven’s gates open

The martyrs are led

To the foot of the King

Who saw their precious blood shed

No room to deny

The King of all Glory

For those who deny

Will find a different story

Separated from Love

The God who is True

If only they knew.


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