In the distance I hear a drum

Beating, beating

In somber tones that resonate

Through my neighborhood, city, and country

The war drum

It isn’t a warm hum

Or pleasant note

It is blood spilling

War ravaging and savaging

The pillaging of towns

And raping of children

It is the pulse of hate

Flowing through weak and great

Spreading like cancer

Multiplying like cockroaches

In the night

Thirsting for a fight

The media joins the beat

And they repeat

All the hate and lies

To make ratings soar

Blood thirsty for more


In the madness I heard a song

A sad little child sang

The words were sweet

And told of love

Like an angel gave them from above

Then the words became a prayer

For peace to conquer hate

Forgiveness could work within

So love could penetrate

The prayer lifted like petals on the wind

To the throne on high

The heavenly magistrate

Could no longer tolerate

The hate that made their girl cry


Prayers heard

A heavenly response came

All the same

We are all to blame

But a price was paid

And was lain on an altar

Crimson with blood

With power to push back

The torrential flood


Laurie Stasi 8/2014



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