Writer's Block by Laurie A. Stasi
Writer’s Block by Laurie A. Stasi

The voice

The creative flow in me

Bound up

A prisoner

With no liberty

In walls of depression

Of words

In suppression

Pulling me into a pit of despair

I gave up all care

Nothing would fit

In the place

It should sit

I was wrapped in the pain

Of remorse and distain

Thinking the answer

Was to sit and complain

I felt a nudge

A whisper, a tug

I dusted it off

With a casual shrug

But He wouldn’t desist

And made me persist


I put a word on the page

In an awkward attempt

As a fool hearted sage

Though useless words

In diction and beat

It broke the dam

There was no retreat

The words started


And images


The writer in me

Who was bound

Now is free

Laurie A. Stasi

April 20, 2015



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