Walls at Night
Walls at Night


Walls separate

Division of the people

And of mosque and steeple





Keep from being mortified

Restful sleep at night

Instead of pacing

With fright

Walls of class division

Or imprison

Walls deter collision

Or insight derision

Walls create clarity

What’s mine is mine


No room for


Or charity

Yet walls ensure


Stopping an invasion

Of those who

Don’t fit the


Of ethical decorum

Who disrupt the forum

Brandishing knives

Drawing blood

Careless of lives

So build your walls

Of any size

To guard the nation

That thrives

I wrote this after a recent trip to Israel. As tourists, everything seemed calm for us at first, and then we went to Ramallah, Nablus, and Bethlehem. We felt a call to pray in the ancient city of Shechem. A couple was killed with their children in the back seat of their car in the area we visited that night. We went to Jerusalem and casually wandered the ancient passageways. That night a Jewish couple was attacked just inside the Lion gate. The husband was killed and a rabbi who came to help was also killed. The attacks increased during our stay. The question of walls and protection weighs heavily in Israel, and on my heart.


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