SILENCE by Laurie A. Stasi


By Laurie A. Stasi

Sometimes silence is my friend

Clearing the cobwebs

And deafening thoughts

That invade and conquer

Like Radio ads – just noise

Like pixels

Blurring the


Silence clears the photo

Like the focal ring in the

Ophthalmologist’s chair

Just let me see

In the soundlessness


Sometimes silence is the enemy

Floating space

With no direction

Void of conviction

Or punctuation like

explanation points

just white

white noise


Sometimes silence is death

The void of my father’s voice

After he was

Promoted to glory

Silence like gray clouds

And depression

Because noise

Couldn’t be heard

In the darkness


Sometimes silence is my lover

Softly in the hush

Every breath is heard

Like an open field of


On a windless day

Making me take notice

Of the vibrating hum of bumblebees

And the airiness

Of the non-wind

Beauty invading

But invisible

At His whisper


Sometimes silence is fright

Certain that any move

Could prove fatal

But it is usually a lie


Sometimes silence is a dream

Where words are stolen

And I am captive

Until the superhero approaches

And I sing








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