With wounded wing

Lost her voice

And could not sing

Can I mend

Your feathery stem

With needled thread

As with a hem?

Oh to soar

Above the mess

And leave behind

All life’s distress

To perch on

Swaying branches high

Touch the heavens

Above the sky

Who can give

Angelic song

Please right the wound

And fix the wrong

For all I wish

And all I crave

A flow of songs

Until the grave

Laurie A Stasi 3/9/16

I wrote this about a season that came upon me, a season in which it was difficult to worship. The songs that use to easily flow, seemed to be stopped up. The Lark represents the heart of the worshipper, the one who can touch the throne of God and delight the Lord. She doesn’t rest on earth, no, she is in the branches, above the fray and turmoil. She offers  love and is intimate with the Lord.

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