Why do patterns excite me

Or flowers entice me

Why the drums of that song

Beat in my heart all night long

Like an invading stranger

Sensing the danger

But it’s HIM, the arranger

Of powerful beats

Why does the sunset mesmerize

As it personifies and identifies

The Creator’s eyes

(Who is

forever wise)

Why do

Colors caress

Shapes stir

Textures tease

Plants please

Like a circus act flying trapeze

Why do I enjoy architecture

Like Frank Lloyd Wright’s

His shapes are delights

Or love paintings in motion

Like flying Chinese kites

Why does a child in ballet

In a puffy tutu

Have more to say to my heart

Than news anchors do

(With all their hullabaloo)

Why is Monet’s palette

A plentiful feast

Or a photo blog

A comforting priest

Why am I stirred by every word

Of a well written poem

With nuances heard

I’m no expert

No Cognoscenti

But it seems the Creator

Is speaking to me

June 25, 2016   Laurie A. Stasi


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