Quarantine- Yesterday


We ate in a restaurant

At a table

The room crowded with people

Yes, we were able

Today it is illegal

We cannot freely gather

In groups of more than ten

Last week we could

But that was then

Daily changes

In disaster mode

The Church building closed

We gather now in the online abode

The beach is off limits too

What will we do

Seclusion is our medicine

No exceptions

Well, maybe friends

We went to the grocery store

With empty shelves

Now a difficult chore

You would think that a war

Has come to our shore

Our beautiful land

Well, maybe it has

And it’s out of hand

Yesterday may just be

A thing of the past

A memory

A beat in time

The Covid-19 paradigm

But I choose to cope

Holding on


Laurie A. Stasi


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