Garden of Gethsemene copy

A black and white photo hangs on my wall

Of a place called Gethsemane

Where you prayed for us all

I remember the branches

The trunks gnarled and wide

In that garden you knelt

In anguish you cried

I can feel the deep sorrow

The love that you knew

The path you would walk

And the curse to subdue

Oh that moment in time

Held the weight of the world

What passed through your mind

As the master plan was unfurled?

I lean in to the photo

You carried the cost

For Joy set before you

You took up the cross

That Joy was each person

Who carries your name

You washed all our blame

Our sin and our shame

The olive branch lifted

Our peace and victory

The garden of sorrows

It’s name, Gethsemane

by Laurie A Stasi


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